Flyash Bricks Making Machine

Auto matic machine with Hydraulic force which compacts the Flyash , cement and aggregate mixture to achieve the required strength and mass quantities.The pan mixer with heavy rollers effectively delivers homogenously mixed flyash based concrete. Flyash upto 70% can be used with our system and equipment technology. We have supply and commision more than 100 plants all over India.

Models MBM 2 MBM 6 MBM 10
Size Witout pallet    
Capcity Per shift @100% Efficiency 9 x 4 x 3 Inches 4500 11500 19000
Force (tons) 40 60 100
Power HP 7.5 15 17.5
Available Sizes For all Models 9x4x3 Inches
8x4x3 Inches
9x6x4 Inches
Any other size can be manufactures as per Clients requirement
Note final output varies as per brick sizes
AS per capacity and Automation the mixing and Batching setup can be setup

mbm 10

Weigh Batching and Mixing

Aggregates of different sizes can be automatically Weighed and Transferred to Mixers

Accurate and precise discharge assures consitant quality

Pneumatic Operated Discharge Gates

Robust structure to handle all aggregate types

RHopper Storage - 2 /3/5 cubic meters

PLC Controlled Operations

Pan mixer With Hydraulic Hoppers

Fast and Homogenous mixing

Heavy weight rollers for flyash based Mixing

Hardened Liner plates for Longetivity and Durabilty

Capacity - 250/500/750/1000 kgs per batch

Hydraulic Hopper decreases the loading time thus increasing the throughput

Hydraulic material Discharge Gates

Heavy duty Gearbox for Maximum power delivery

Automatic Brick Making Machine

Advanced Vibration Technology with High Compaction force ,produces the best quality bricks, in the industry

Force : 40/60 /100 tons

Integral Vibrations with Variable frequency

Hydraulic Cylinder with Imported Seals

Industrial Grade Valves for continous operations

PLC based automation center with Remote Monitoring System

Belt Conveyor for Material Loading

Heavy duty Endless rubber Belt with 3 ply support fast transfer of material from mixer to Brick Machine

Robust Channel Frame, Mechanical Gear Box Drive

Capacity :25/35/45 tonnes per hour

Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Specially designed to Carry Big size pallets on any surface.

Effortless movement of 8 Pallets in the factory area for curing, Loading and shifting

Pneumatic Wheels

Effortless lifting of Materials

Capacity : 250 /500/750 kgs