AAC Tilting Machine

The mould shifted via a mould shifting trolley to the demoulding area, a precise demoulding crane and tilting device , turn the mould with green cake via 90 degress to release the green cake on the base plate and emty mould is refitted with a new base plate for batching cycle. The Two stage wire cutting machine assure Precise quality and size of cutting, We being the pioneers of inventing the textured finish to the block with our Cutting machine has certainly become a boom for Plaster and Gypsum application.

Demoulding Crane : Smooth Operation and movement controlled with advanced Electronics.

Demoulding Hydraulic Machine : Hydraulic Operated with Mechanical Pricision System, Makes sure that no mould is damaged, Hydraulics tilting arrangements and up down movement for mould demould run smooth and effortless. Base plate refitting is accurate for each cycle.