CLC Plant

We have been manufacturing CLC block plants for almost a decade, with more than 100 plants running on our machines today. In this sector too we have ingeniously designed the revolutionary blade cutting machine and very first of its kind wire cutting machine of 1.1 cum capacity in India . We offer CLC plant from 10 cum per day to 120 cum per day.

Capacity - 5 cbm to 100 cbm/day

Price- 2 lacs to 65 lacs

Batching Section

CLC batch mix system , flyash and water slurry is is remotely prepared in a separate slurry tank , which is screened for impurities and and precisely weighed in the overhead weighing hopper.Similarly cement is weighed and discharged in the Ribbon Blender as per cycle requirement. The foam mixed Concrete is then Poured in the moulds. Automatic Batch mix system assures you accurate foam dosing , maintiaining the accurate Water Cement and Foam Ratio. Our Foam Genrator precisely and consistantly delivers foam at constant density and strength.

Hardening and Demoulding

Hardening process in CLC varies from 6 to 8 hrs , the green cake hardens for cutting. The semi hard green cake is demoulded with the help of Demoulding /Mould removal machine. The Demoulding machine smoothly separates the mould box and the green cake and leaves the mould on the base trolley.

Cutting Process

The Green cake after demoulding is shifted to the cutting machine , which cuts the mould in to the desired size with the help of wire cutting machine. Our precise wire cutting machine is pneumatic tensioners . Our pioneered Blade cutting machine can be the most cost effective solution for CLC block cutting , it reduces the urgency of cutting my 30 % .

Top and bottom cutting machine

Once again engineered by Maruti revolutionary Top and Bottom cutting machine systematicaly removes the bottom layer which sticks to the mould base plate, thus achieving six side cutting of CLC block.

Curing process

Boiler either Oil fuelled and Solid Fuelled for Steam Curing Process for around 8 to 12 hrs at temperature below 90 deg celcius, in concrete chambers with steel doors. Alternately CLC can also be water cured for 21 days like other concrete products.

Finished block Carrying Trolley

Block grabber with scissor type or hydraulic driven mechanism is quick way, remove and stack the block in finished goods. Manual shifting of blocks can transferred with help of Finished block carying Trolley.